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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:34 pm

Codes Rules

These are the current rules:

1.No Advertisement.
Donít make topics/threads about your website/forum etc. You will likely to get banned for doing this. You can put a link to your website in your signature instead (but please donít start persuading people to look at your signature) or in the ĎWebsiteí part of your profile.

2.No Adult Material.
Remember Club Penguin is for kids. Please do NOT post any media with adult content. This includes pictures and sexual words. You will definitely be given a infraction for disobeying this rule.

3.No Spamming.
These are Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages in other words SPAM. Spamming is anything really that does not link to the topics/threads or the discussions. This is also when you write comments as only one word. Please write more than one word when you comment. You need to write at least 20 characters/letters or more for your post or it will be considered as SPAM.

4.No Fighting.
This is an enjoyable and fun forum and we donít want it to be ruined with forumers fighting over things. This could make other forum members very uncomfortable.

5.No Excessive Swearing or Cussing.
Most of the swear words are banned from the forum with censors. But this does not mean you can start swearing/ cussing and abbreviating the words as well. Report to any moderator or admin if anyone you see has broken this rule.

6.No Double Posting.
This is where you start posting two or more times in a row within a few minutes. Just say everything, you want to say in one post (you can use the edit button if you need to add more to the post you created).

7.No Bumping in threads.
This means you are not allowed to bump topics. Topics that are old and have not had poct in them for at least 2 weeks.

8.No Java Scripts Alert.
This means you are not allowed to put java scripts in your posts. These are alerts whenever you press on the posts. Infraction will be given.

Breaking any of these rules may result in posts being removed/edited and infractions given out and eventually bans, also maybe chiken reduction. Users caught breaking rules will be given infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans. This will depend on how harsh the offense was.

Extra Notes:
If you get banned (unless you have been permanently banned) you will be unbanned in a certain time span.
If your account has been used by someone else, we will IP check for you. If you lie, unfortunately we will be banned from the overall forum and you wouldnít even be welcome as a guest. This is because we would have IP banned you.
Make sure your account is secure. You are responsible for posts, messages etc. made under your account.
Don't register more than one account as multiple accounts will be disabled. If you want your name changed, you donít have to go through the whole process of registering again. Just PM an admin!
If you see someone breaking a rule, you can report their post by pressing the report button. You need to write a reason why.

Do Not Ask To Be Mod/Admin. This could result you a ban from the forums.

Infractions- Whenever you break a rule, you would be entitled to one infraction. It is like five warnings. If you get five infractions, you would be banned from the forum. I hope I would not need to ban anyone from the forums.
1 Infraction: Rule Violator
2 infractions: Double Rule Violator
3 Infractions: Triple Rule Violator
4 infractions: Quadruple Rule Violator
5 infractions: Perma-Ban
By the way if I find out ur a leak i will ban you forever!
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Forum Rules
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