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 A guide to be a successful forumer!

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PostSubject: A guide to be a successful forumer!   Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:49 pm

The guide to become successful forumer!

1. Always read the rules.

A successful forums reads the rules and gets them all right.

2. Be nice!

If you be nice to people you can easily make friends.

3. Watch what you are posting!

If you are on a topic don't post unrelated posts there! Post it somewhere else! The moderators can ban you from doing it!

4.Welcome new forumers!

Welcome new forumers so they fell happy!

5. Help people out!

If someone is stuck. Help them! It can increase your chance of becoming a moderator.

6. Report!

Always report people doing stuff they should be doing.
Expamle: I am showing you a guide <------ now report the person doing it by click the report sign.

7. Send ideas

If you send ideas you can get more chances to become a moderator.

8. NO spamming!
Don't spam! If you spam you can get banned and it is also very annoying...

Thats all you need to know!

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A guide to be a successful forumer!
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